Nichelle Nichols on meeting Martin Luther King jr. 

"I said "I’m going to leave Star Trek because (I was going to say ‘because  I have an offer to star in) …I never got that far”  

He said "You cannot - you cannot"

and I felt like that little boy Willis "What you talkin’ about dr. king"

(laughs) "But you know I didn’t say that"  

"But I was taken aback, and I didn’t say anything, I just looked at him"

He said "Don’t you know understand what this man [Gene] has achieved?"

"I just looked at him" and he saidFor the first time on television we will be seen as we should be seen every day – as intelligent, quality, beautiful people who can sing, dance, but who can also go into space, who can be lawyers, who can be teachers, who can be professors - who ARE on this day, and yet you don’t see it on television – until now…

"and he went on and I could say nothing, I just stood there, realizing every word that he was saying was the truth"

"and he said, “Gene Roddenberry has opened a door for the world to see us. If you leave that door can be closed. You see your role is not a black role, and it’s not a female role, he can fill it with anything - including an alien"

"And in that moment the world tilted for me, and I knew then, that I was something else, that the world was not the same. That’s all I could think of, what dr. king said ‘the world sees us as we should be seen’ “and i remember being angry come sunday. “Why me? Why should I have to?…

"Whatever happened come monday morning I went to Gene, and I’m not sure to this day what I was going to say. He’s sitting behind that same dang desk and he had whoever he was talking to leave because I went there first. And I said “Gene, and I told him what happened" and I told him “If you still want me to stay, I’ll stay - I have to" and he opened his drawer and said “God bless dr. martin luther king, somebody knows where I’m coming from" and he took out my resignation — that was torn into a hundred pieces  and handed me the pile, and we just stood there looking at each other, and I finally said “Thank you, Gene, and he said “Thank you, Nichelle"

"And my life’s never been the  same since, I’ve never looked back, I’ve never regretted it. Because I understood the universe had somehow put me there, and we have choices - are we gonna walk down this road? are we gonna walk the other..and it was the right road for me"

Niki has three opinions: one in the morning, one at noon and one in the evening.

"What?! Who’s this little guy? I do wanna say hi but it’s gonna take up time that we don’t have for the interview."

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Since the doctor won’t see me until I die my mom said I should start off by leaving certain things out at a time to get a better result on what I can eat, so I started with starchy food. Had hash with tomatos. It hurts.

This is a boring story.

Anonymous:  Does "Freier Fall" have a happy ending?



Not in the classical sense. And probably barely in any other sense either. It’s a good movie though.


bones standing on the bridge, leaning forward against the back of jim’s chair as they talk, absentmindedly running his fingers through jim’s hair and jim not being able to stop smiling his big crinkly eyed grin as he leans back into bones’ touch (◡‿◡✿)

the rest of the bridge crew thinks they are disgusting and should go be cute somewhere else. 

Ever thought of just leaving it all behind? Taking off and starting over?

Called the doctor’s office and they said I could get an appointment in October.. Okay. Sure. I’ll just die here. You can dig me out of my grave and check what was wrong with me in October.

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chemicalmuffin replied to your post “chemicalmuffin replied to your post “I get stomachaches (headaches too…”

well, my brother developed a gluten intolerance in his 20s and it has now basically disappeared again about a year later… so i guess food allergies are weird? :)

Quite weird indeed. But also sounds like there’s hope that I will get to eat potatos again without pain.


Please take a moment to appreciate the most iconic haircut of all times.

And the man who wears it.

And yes, it was his real hair.

chemicalmuffin replied to your post “I get stomachaches (headaches too occasionally) when I eat and sometimes drink”

well I was gonna go with gluten, but not all of that fits, but I think you should definately go see a doctor b/c that does sound like a food allergy! and if you know what it is you can find alternatives or ways around it!

Seems like there’s no way around an appointment. I just hope it’s nothing too specific or something where I can eat everything at least in small amounts.
What I don’t get is how it came out of nowhere.

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