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My driving teacher is a special kind of weird and it makes things awkward sometimes, but what I value a lot is that he’s very considerate. Like, “I know you really don’t want to do this and you’ll hate me for asking you to do this, but I’m here too and it’s not your fault if something happens, but you’ve done well so far, so I’m sure you can do it.”.

Kira + her aunties

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This wasn’t one of you, right?


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David Tennant on the set of ‘The Shakepeare Code’

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Kaz - UK Premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy - July 24th 2014

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a little girl who grows up thinking all doors are automatic but actually she’s haunted by a really polite ghost

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Bunny massage | [X] - SpicaSirius
"Oh, [Tyler] knows the whole dance to Single Ladies…"  (x / x)

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Bild 2008

Popometer? Lol


okay okay your point is very good but have you considered natasha romanoff with full-sleeve tattoos